Photo Restoration

At Kindred Trees, we specialize in photo restoration. We can remove any Scratches, Tears, and Stains, Colorize, Repair Fading as well as a host of other things. We are deeply committed to providing the best value so therefore we will price match!

Scratch, Tear and Stain Removal

We will edit your photo's pixel by pixel in order to reverse the cruelties of time!

Photo Colorization

We will work hard to select the right colors match skin tones and much more so that you can see your black and white photos in vibrant color for the first time!

Repair Fading

Over time chemicals inside the ink used to print photographs absorb light, which causes the picture to fade, but do not fear I will correct the hand of time and bring back lost vibrancy and contrast! 


To get a free quote or place an order please upload your images to the file upload below or contact us by email or phone.


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