Why have your Photos Scanned​?

I have heard far too many stories of memories lost due to passing natural disasters such as floods and tornados, but even if one is lucky enough to not encounter such events time will gradually wear down paper and film. So there is no time like the present to have your memories preserved for future generations. Having your photos scanned will also allow you to share them with friends and family no matter what corner of the World they may occupy.

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Why not just take a picture of the photo with my phone?


Taking a picture of the photo with your phone is not at all the same as having it scanned as even the steadiest handed of people will be unable to hold the phone or camera still enough in order to eliminate blurring and glare. Also, cameras and phones will only take the photo at a low resolution of around 72 to 100 dpi (dots per inch) which will not allow you to enlarge the copy. If you try to enlarge a low-resolution copy it will instantly become pixelated. Compare this to my scanners which scan at up to 2400 dpi!

72 dots per inch resolution

1200 dots per inch resolution

Not convinced yet? Take a look at what happens when you zoom in.

72 dots per inch resolution

1200 dots per inch resolution

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